The Egg Whisperer: How I Learned to Trust My Intuition

Subtle Forces of Perception


by Dr.E.S.Khan
19th March, 2024 | 3 min read

In the past, when boiling eggs, I used to rely on timing—eight minutes for boiling water or 20 minutes for normal water. However, this often resulted in inconsistently cooked eggs. So, instead of watching the clock, I began trusting my intuition. Surprisingly, my intuition proved almost flawless, with a mere 0.01% failure rate, which was astonishing.

Upon reflection, I realized that my intuition was actually based on subtle observations, particularly the movement of the eggs in the pot. When they were still, I knew it was time. It was remarkable to discover this unnoticed aspect of my perception.

This small experience speaks volumes about the quiet power of our brains. They can process information and learn from experience in ways we don't fully understand. It reminds me why being well-read and well-traveled a desirable trait for ages.


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