Antibiotic resistance


by Dr.Ehtesham Khan
19 Feb | 5 min read

I am tired of telling people- Widal test for typhoid should not be done before one week of continuous fever.-Taxim-o is not the first line of antibiotic for any febrile illness. Now a days from a lay practitioners to qualified ones everyone is prescribing Taxim-o for any general febrile illness this indiscriminate use may lead to a condition called “antibiotic resistance” in community.Give your immunity a chance to boost don't get panicked with fevers, I'm getting calls about fever 100 degree Fahrenheit, Taxim-o started, what to do now, my plain answer should be "engulf the rest of strip and please do not disturb me."

What you need to know

*Antibiotics aren't always the answer.

Over-prescription and misuse of antibiotics are the leading causes of antimicrobial resistance.

*Antibiotics are only needed for treating infections caused by bacteria.

Even then, some bacterial infections get better without antibiotics, including many sinus and some ear infections.

*Antibiotics do not work on viruses.

Some of the illnesses not cured by antibiotics include the common cold, flu, sore throat, runny nose and bronchitis.

*Antibiotics will not make you feel better if you have a virus.

Respiratory viruses usually go away in a week or two without treatment. Ask your doctor about self-care measures to take while your body fights off the virus.

What you can do?

*Do not self-prescribe with antibiotics.

If you are sick, always see a doctor to get properly diagnosed and use antibiotics only when prescribed.

*Never demand antibiotics if your doctor says you don't need them.

*Never share or use leftover antibiotics.

*When antibiotics are prescribed for an appropriate bacterial infection, take exactly as directed.

*If you develop any side effects, don't stop taking your prescribed medication, consult your doctor first.

*Once started, it is critical that you do not skip or fail to finish your prescribed course of antibiotics. The infection can develop resistance if the dose you take is incomplete or insufficient.


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