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Dr.Khan's HomoeoCARE


Dr. E.S. Khan

Asst. Professor, Department of Organon of Medicine, at Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital.
Selected for Senior research fellowship- Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy-Ministry of Ayush Govt. of India.
Ex- House Physician D.N.De Homoeopathic Medical College an Hospital, Govt. of West Bengal.

Dr. Khan's HomoeoCARE is essentially an organization with a heart. The spirit of Dr. Khan's HomoeoCARE is one of compassion, sensitivity, and caring. Expertise in our field is our speciality. At Dr.Khan's HomoeoCARE (with the grace of Almighty the Physician of physicians) We are 100% Sure of our medicine No Gimmicks. No False claims. No claim of being extraordinarily successful. We Believe In Result. No packages. We do not bind you even for a month extra. If at all you feel that sufficient relief is not there, you may change your doctor. In fact in cases where sufficient relief is not there we suggest patients to stop treatment and seek second opinion. For us patient's welfare is most important. Focused on correct treatment methodology with professionalism and commitment treating patients as human beings not as mere cases. Complete Privacy. Your information is absolutely private only with your doctor. No one has access to it. International Quality Standards Medicines saves time and money.
Comfortable as you can avail Online / Distance treatment.
Complete Connect - phone / email / sms/ WhatsApp.
100%Homeopathic,Natural & Safe.