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Psychoanalysis in Clinic

by Dr.Ehtesham Khan
17th September | 5 min read

A lady patient of mine was suffering from sever constipation passing a small quantity of stool at 4-5 days interval, during case taking her husband informed about a peculiar habit that although she is having a neat and clean habit but doesn't not want to clean whatever there is under furniture, almirah, fridge and bed at her home according to her it causes more dirtiness outside so better it remain inside...........

Now correlate it with her severe constipation I counsel her about the idea of her cleanliness and her constipation improved.....

I borrowed this idea from Psychoanalytic school of Freud.

You will be getting reflections of certain belief of your patients in every sphere of their lives you just need to understand and give a proper counselling that often does wonder without any medicines.

A skillful case taking is often the only requirement.


Dr E.S. Khan

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