A Prescription of Thyroidinum

by Dr.E.S.Khan
9th April | 3 min read

Day before yesterday I saw a case of right sided thyroid swelling, sonography of thyroid gland was inconclusive of any diagnosis rather descriptive of ill-defined,inseparable SOL of right lobe of thyroid gland.

Thyroid profile seemed to be with in normal limits.

In these type of clinical case Phatak repertory comes handy you will get Hepar sulph as a single remedy for right sided thyroid swelling.

I would have think of Hepar sulph if I didn't get some Generals of thyroidinum like desire for sweet and sleep on abdomen with a family history of metabolic disorders and most specially past history of being bullied in school.

Thyroidinum was prescribed with a note of caution that the case may require a FNAC for further clinical evaluation.

Remember Thyroidinum, Folliculinum,Carcinocin and Adrenaline for history of stressful life conditions, be it strict parenting, being bullied at school or constant harassment at workplace or a constant anxiety regarding a loved one.


Dr E.S. Khan

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