Recurrent Abdominal Colic in Children

by Dr.E.S.Khan
21st May April | 5 min read

Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy is one of the most commonest cause I found for recurrent abdominal colic in children.



Parents of this child consulted me for the same.... Child was completely cured and discharge after 3 months of treatment except one acute UTI he suffered recently.



Thyroidinum is the most common medicine I am getting for such complaints ( atleast 10 cases I have seen but didn't bother to record) one of my junior reported similar complaint, getting well with thyroidinum.

Apart from Thyroidinum, Teucrium and tuberculinum were also found useful in some cases.

This is often one-sided complaints patients will consult you for and whatever clue you get you have to start with it.

Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy is my clue for thyroidinum.


Dr E.S. Khan

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