Kent's 7th Observation in Clinic

by Dr.E.S.Khan
29th June | 5 min read

"Once in a while you will see a full time amelioration of the symptoms, yet no special relief of the patient, which is the seventh observation. There are certain patients that only gain about so much there are latent conditions, or latent existing organic conditions, in such patients that prevent improvement beyond a certain stage. " [Kent's Lecture]

A lady in her mid twenties consulted me for dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath on slight exertion and occasional palpitation. With this clinical features and patient profile in India we usually think of nutritional anaemia though on clinical examination her pallor was not matching with her clinical features, I asked my patient for a routine examination of blood and prescribed the indicated medicine with advise to take some iron supplements, she came back after two weeks with an improvement but without the blood test which was asked for (a common phenomenon if you are practicing in a low socioeconomic ecosystem) for next few follow-ups patient was improving but not as a whole which we expect in a homoeopathic treatment in blood reports when it finally came, there was no sign of anaemia finally I asked her for an ECG and a echocardiography and finally the case was diagnosed as mild mitral valve prolapse.


I saw it as "latent existing organic conditions,"

Same thing happened in a case of Beta Thalassemia trate where I saw that as " latent conditions " Here also you can not expect an improvement beyond a certain stage.

It may be noted here that the previous case also falls under aphorism 183 where a certain condition is preventing the cure like Dyspnoea due ti ascites won't go until you give medicine covering ascites or tap the fluid out because it is a mechanical symptom produce due to an existing factor.

J. C. Burnett at one place says.

"It must be manifest that vomiting due to an enlarged spleen can never be cured by remedies that physiologically produce vomiting, but by such as will bring a large spleen back to the normal."

So here we can think of medicines having action on "mitral valves ". I know only "mitral valve" in LM potency having wonderful action on pathologies of mitral valve.

This is available in Kolkata with some pharmacist. I used mitral valve in LM potency prepared by homoeopathy international.

You can add on yours here.


Dr E.S. Khan

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