A Case of Lycopodium and Renal stone

by Dr.E.S.Khan
28th April | 5 min read

Mr. S.A. aged around 34 years consulted me for his right sided renal stone which was diagnosed few days back after he suffered severe renal colic. Interestingly X-ray KUB [Fig-1] didn't show any calculi in urinary path way neither in kidney but when Ultrasonography [Fig.2] was done a 6.5 mm of calculus was seen in upper calyx of right kidney.



Clearly it was a case of uric acid calculus as uric acid stones are known to be radiolucent so was not seen on skiagram.



Now looking at the case the choice of the remedy was narrowed down to remedies having uric acid diathesis and also have tendency of forming stones like Benzoic acid, Lycopodium etc. out of which lycopodium is having special affinity for right side of body moreover the modalities of pain like evening aggravation and amelioration by warm drinks was in favour of Lycopodium.

Now came the question of dose and potency as the right dose and potency is as important as the similia. Lycopodium 30 in fractional doses was chosen due to low susceptibility of patient (how the susceptibility was decided we may discuss it later on sometime).

Patient came with the expulsed stone on his next visit after one week [Fig-3].



A smooth uric acid stone as was thought to be.


Dr E.S. Khan

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